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LegSlims™ Compression Leggings

LegSlims™ Compression Leggings



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Look and feel great every day! Whether you’re out and about, working out, or just relaxing at home. Our line of compression wear (rated 15-20mmHg) makes you look better, is super comfortable and it’s also a better option than other activewear because it provides functional benefit for your health, even in your down time.

Due to family health reasons, LegSlims is closing down so Jackie can focus on caring for her husband. Get a pair of LegSlims before they run out!

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Everyone knows that poor circulation is bad for long term health. Whether you spend a lot of time on your feet or living a more sedentary lifestyle, there's a chance that you suffer from swollen and tired legs at the end of the day. That is a sign of impaired blood circulation. 

When poor circulation is not addressed, it can cause one more of the following symptoms:

  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Sharp Throbbing pains and 
  • Muscle Cramps

When not addressed, blood circulation issues can lead to more serious conditions such as:

  • Spider Veins
  • Varicose Veins
  • Dangerous Blood Clots

LegSlims Compression Leggings are guaranteed to improve how your legs feel within 30 days or your money back, no questions asked!

The LegSlims Difference

Immediate Pain Relief

Once you put on your LegSlims, you will begin to experience immediate relief from many painful symptoms. 

The support from compression enables blood to flow freely from the lower legs to the heart. The increased blood flow reduces the aching and heaviness associated with swelling. 

It will take several days of regular use (an hour or more) to enjoy a visible reduction in swelling. But you’ll feel it working straight away. Customers report noticing they are moving much more comfortably and their legs feel “full of energy”.

Graduated Compression - the Right amount of TIGHT

Most compression leggings sold in sports stores and online don't do anything to help your circulation - they just squeeze different parts of your body uniformly. 

Graduated compression means that the most compression happens in your ankle and eases off further up the leg. This supports your circulation and helps avoid painful symptoms that keep your legs tired and swollen. 

LegSlims are rated 15-20mmHg, which means a moderate compression, perfect for reducing swelling. Your LegSlims will feel tight, but not too tight. Just right.

PressWeave™ Fabric Technology

To get relief for your legs from LegSlims, you’ll need a fabric that you’d want to wear over and over. Our proprietary PressWeave™ technology is a sweat wicking, breathable fabric. PressWeave™ prevents chafing and is snag resistant, knitted with 4-way stretch for maximum mobility and comfort. 

You’ll want to wear them all the time… Maybe even get yourself a second pair for when the first one is in the wash. Oh yeah, it’s totally safe to machine wash LegSlims - they won’t lose their shape or compression ability!

How Customers use our leggings

We regularly ask our customers for their favorite ways to use LegSlims. Here are some of the popular answers:

  • At home after a long day of standing (or sitting down)
  • During long flights, drives, and commutes
  • Wearing it to bed while sleeping
  • For faster recovery from exercise
  • During long working days
  • Just managing swelling, tiredness and varicose veins

When would you use LegSlims? 
How would solving swollen, tired legs feel?


Know that annoying leg feeling on long flights or drives? That's your legs begging for some love. Enter LegSlims – your travel BFF. They keep the blood flowing, so you can say bye to swollen, tired legs and hello to stepping off and feeling like a champ.

With LegSlims, it's like giving your legs a gentle hug that lasts the whole journey. No more fidgeting or trying to stretch in your seat. Just pop on your LegSlims and enjoy the ride in comfort.

Long trips don’t have to be a pain. With LegSlims, you’re all set to land or park feeling fresh and ready to roll. Your legs will thank you!


Customers have told us that our LegSlims compression leggings has not only resolved pain and swelling in their legs but also improved energy levels, body comfort and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

You’ll look forward to putting them on every day

Better Legs in a Month Guaranteed.

Try LegSlims Risk-Free for a month and feel for yourself how much your legs love them. If for any reason, you’re not happy, you can send us the leggings back for a 100% refund of your purchase. Just drop us a line at contact@legslims.com and we’ll get onto it.



Can't Find Question? Email Us contact@legslims.com

What material are LegSlims made of?

Proprietary PressWeave™ technology by LegSlims™:

Material composition is 70% nylon, 30% spandex - for an effective squeeze with a breathing, soft fabric you'd want to keep wearing.

What level of compression do LegSlims provide?

LegSlims have been graded 15-20mmHg. This moderate level of compression is perfect for reducing swelling and tiredness in your legs, managing varicose veins and improving recovery time after exercise. It can be worn with no time limit, and doesn't require a prescription.

Which size is best for me?

Use the sizing chart below, and choose your height in feet in inches (left) and weight in pounds (top). See where those two intersect andIf unsure, pick the bigger size!

What if I picked the wrong size?

Please contact our support within 30 days of your purchase at contact@legslims.com. We'd need you to send back your order, and we'll get a replacement order to you ASAP.

What are the Leg Seams Measurements for LegSlims?

M: 24 inch / 61cm

L: 25.5 inch / 65cm

XL: 26 inch / 66cm

XXL: 27 inch / 68.5cm

XXXL: 27.5 inch / 70 cm

4XL: 28.5 inch / 72 cm

The above measurements were taken between the crotch and leg opening of the various sizes of LegSlims leggings.

The measurements were taken while the LegSlims leggings were in a relaxed (non-stretched) state - they expand when worn as they have some stretch to them, naturally. 

What's your return policy?

You can return your legslims 30 days after your purchase. Just drop us a line at contact@legslims.com with any concerns or issues.

Where do you ship from?

Every LegSlims order ships from our warehouse in Memphis, TN - so that we can provide speedy delivery across the US and Canada!

Do LegSlims come in any other color?

While we're aware of interest in production of LegSlims in other colors, we currently only sell LegSlims in one color, classic black.